Wednesday, February 1, 2012

14 Months

So I apparently suck at writing blogs!! Anyway its beena long time since I last wrote anything. Skylee has grown so much, she defiantly has her own personality and does what she wants. I know whatyour all thinking, SPOILED! And she might be just that :) She is now standing on her own (when she wants too) and walking around the furniture. She has got her balance and is able to walk pretty good she just needs to find the confidence! She is really cute these days and pretty smart too! She has been sick for over 2 weeks now so we have been taking her temp a lot ( with a thermometer that goes in your ear) and she picked up the thermometer and put it in her ear! It was the cutest thing! She knows wear her shoes and socks go, she tries to put them on. She continues to love to read, even by herself, just like her mommy :). She loves watching the Finding Nemo movie so I got a fish tank and she loves to watch them too! Besides being sick she is very good natured! She now goes to daycare and each day she gets better and better. She actually likes the people there now and has been talking ( babbling) more since she started going. I think it was harder on Karson and I than it was on her! She is the best and I couldn't imagine life without her!

Life is pretty good these days! I absolutely love my job! I continue to learn things and really enjoy working with everyone. Its been a very good experience so far, I have been working a year already and can't believe its been that long already! Times flies when you are having fun :) Karson and I will celebrate our 2 year anniversary this month! Its been a GREAT two years, I couldn't ask for a better husband and father for my children! He is defiantly the best!!

So you are all caught up some :)

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